Making sense of multitudes of impulses bombarding us on daily (and nightly) basis, challenges us to find new ways of dealing with these infinite waves of data. We need to be able to transform "raw data" into "meaningful information", thus enabling ourselves to apply meaningful filtering. 

We need to be able to do this while we maintain our own personality, our uniqueness. Yet at the same time we would like to discover our connectedness with other individuals struggling with these challenges. Surviving waves of data, collecting meaningful information and interconnecting all of these elements through experience provides us with valuable knowledge about our newly found data coping strategies. 

Sharing these strategies with others and collaboratively investigating the effects of these strategies on our personal and professional lives will lead to new levels of understanding about the nature of information processing for ourselves and for our community. Embracing technology to assist and support us in this continuous process of learning will help us building a better world - together.

reactarot™ combines expertises from the domains of art, science, technology and spirituality into a 360 degree approach that can assist you and/or your company or organisation in finding your balanced understanding of this new world and transform these insights into sustainable tools.


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